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kali_sopwith 50 / T
"I CANT READ YOUR MESSAGES! Read my profile before you IM!"
Edmonton, Alberta, Canadá
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kali_sopwith 50/T
Edmonton, Alberta , Canada
2022 is gonna be the year of Kali being a slut!
I am in Alberta room regularly, come and say hi! If you msg me and say "How are you?" I will ignore you. Be creative and prove you read this! NOT GOLD NOW! CANT READ MSGS!!! DONT SEND DICK PICS!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\AFF, stop restoring an old profile!!! Please don't send me pics of your pecker. If I want to see it I will ask. If you say things to me like you want to fuck me, I will ignore you. GUYS!!! I am not interested in topping you! I don't want you sucking me either! I want to feel fem!!! Want to make me want to meet you?! Treat me like a lady and you stand a much better chance! I am a CD but I love the feeling of my toys inside of me. Getting so curious about being with others! I am not meeting you after you send me one msg. If you want me to talk to you start with something good! "Hey" does not cut it and I may just ignore you. Sorry, but by saying something interesting it shows you are worth my time and probably read my profile! I am not sending you anything! My pics and vids are here for you to see! Guys, if all you have for pics is a dick pic, maybe you want to talk to someone other than me. I need someone who interests me mentally as well as physically. I know I sound negative but I am not. Some people on this site make it bad for the rest. The positive... I love to dress sexy and feel sexy!! I love looking like a sexy woman! Want me to be sexy for you, turn on my mind and my body will follow! Treat me girly and I will be girly for you and treat you like a man!

Mi persona ideal: Older, rich, with a bad ticker!!! j/k Sort of
Someone who is willing to go slow! I am still building confidence with my look and I have only been heading out into the world for a few weeks now! Someone willing to go for a coffee or a drink and not feel awkward that there is an expectation of anything. Not saying that there never would be but there has to be a starting place!

To have a chance, I like smooth bodies I don't care about size, so long as you can make me feel wanted and sexy!

Cuenta una de tus fantasías sexuales favoritas. No te reprimas.:
I would love to find a couple to take Kali's virginity!

¿Con qué sitio fantaseas para tener un encuentro sexual?:
La cama

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  • 50 / TS/TV/TG (Intercambiador de ropa)
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canadá
Orientación Sexual:
Buscando a:  Mujeres, Parejas (hombre/mujer), Parejas (2 mujeres) o Trans
Fecha de Nacimiento: 1 Mayo 1971
Viaja a: Edmonton, Alberta, Canadá
Reubicarse: No
Estado Civil: Soltero(a)
Altura: 172-175 cm
Tipo de Cuerpo: Con unas carnes de más
Hábitos de fumar: No soy fumador
Hábitos de bebida: Soy bebedor casual/social
Drogas: No consumo drogas
Educación: Prefiero no especificar
Profesión: I am employed
Grupo étnico: Prefiero no especificar
Religión: Prefiero no especificar
Tienes niños: No
Quiere niños: Prefiero no especificar
Dotación: Prefiero no especificar/Prefiero no especificar
Circuncidado: Prefiero no especificar
Tamaño de sujetador o brasier: 40/90 Más que DD/E
Habla: Inglés
Color de pelo: Marrón
Tamaño del pelo: Medio
Color de los ojos: Variable/Inconsistente
Lentes o lentes de contacto: Gafas o anteojos
Mi Colección de Trofeos: